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Apr 6, 2010 11:00am EDT
tirelessly and courageously to find them i spoke with governor manchin of west virginia last night and told him the federal government stands ready to offer whatever assistance is needed in this rescue effort. >> jay gray joins us from montcoal, west virginia, with the very latest. jay? >> yeah, melissa. there is some frustration about those questions you talked about. about the safe practices in the mine. viilations over the last couple months for air quality and crumbling walls inside the mine, those kinds of things. over the last year, more than $380,000 in fines, but right now for most here, that's on the back burner. they're more focused on trying to find the four men that are still missing here. that's a process that's going to take some time. what they're going to do is drill 1,100 feet through the mine here to release some of the methane gas which has built up and keeping rescue crews out. miners are trained to rush to when there is any kind of emergency inside the mine shaft, those areas contain, food, water and enough oxygen for them to survive for 96 hours. time is of the essence
Apr 7, 2010 11:00am EDT
. massey drills have broken through in west virginia. that happened earlier today but rescuers detected no sign of the four miners missing since an explosion killed 25 people in the worst mine disaster in 25 years. hopes were dimming that the men would be found alive a u.s. official said more drilling is needed. as for massey its stock lost another 4% after s&p said it might cut the company's ratings. trading down 3.3%, melissa. >>> when we come back, the dow finding it difficult to get to the 11,000 mark. we'll discuss whether it's a new resistance level. >>> spirit airlines charging up to 30 bucks each way for carry-on bags. is this outrageous or good business sense? >>> welcome back to "the call." i'm matt nesto. big lots, big move, up 3% right now on big volume. 125% of what it does in a normal di. we've done more than 1.4 million shares so far. interesting the stock is not at a five-year high or ten-year high and approaching a 12-year high. big lots $3 billion market cap up 32% year to date with 10% interest has a lot of investors sweating. trish, back to you. >> thank you, mr. nes
Apr 30, 2010 11:00am EDT
in west virginia that happened about three weeks ago. all of this weighing on the market. people don't know exactly what's going on. good news follow up on the home builders. generally orders have been improving here. horton 55% improvement overall in the net orders. that's an excellent metric and generally they have been improving. ryland one of the companies only disappointing. chevron same story here. higher oil prices have helped the upstream production but good news in chemical and even, larry, refining is starting to get better and you know what a disaster that has been for a while. >> investors are digesting a lot of important economic data today, manufacturing, consumer confidence and the big guy, a first look at first quarter gdp. number coming in shy of estimates and still a lot of positive nuggets in the report. steve liesman will tell us whether we're on the road to v-shape recovery and we even have breaking news on the fed. all eyes turn to mr. liesman. good morning, steve. >> the fed is finalizing the rules for the term deposits. one of the terms it use to drain liquidi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3